Flea Prevention and Treatment Blog

Fleas are no fun for your pet or you! Understanding the flea lifecycle can help you keep your pet and your house flea-free. There are four parts to the flea cycle, including flea eggs, flea larvae, flea pupae, and adult fleas.

Once an adult female flea has feasted on her host (usually your pet), she can lay approximately 40 eggs per day. These eggs are then distributed throughout your house, usually around your pet’s favourite hang-out areas.

These eggs hatch approximately 2-14 days later and become larvae, which have an aversion to any source of light, typically making their home in warm, dark carpeted areas. See the video below!

The fourth and final life stage, the adult flea, is when we often see clients coming in for flea products. The best line of defence against an infestation is to stop this cycle BEFORE it starts with year-round protection on your pet. Including indoor pets, as we can bring in pests on our shoes and clothes.

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Written by: Petroglyph Animal Hospital