Managing Stress & Anxiety in Cats & Dogs

Managing stress and anxiety in pets is something that we get asked about on a regular basis at our clinic. Associated negative behaviours or emotional issues may be related to a short-term stress situation (moving, sudden and loud noises, car rides, a short kennel stay, etc.) or associated with long-term stressors. Recognizing stress factors and implementing measures to reduce your pet’s anxiety and discomfort can improve the quality of life for your pet and also increase the emotional bond between a pet and an owner. Depending on the severity and the reason for the stress, your veterinarian can help establish a plan. They may include coping skills, behaviour modification, and/or the use of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, or other calming products, either used on their own or used in combination. It’s important to rule out medical conditions in some situations (ex. excessive urination could be a behavioural or medical condition; always consult with a doctor).

Give us a call if you’re concerned that your pet’s stress or anxiety is affecting his or her quality of life (and making you anxious, too!). We would be happy to talk to you about the best options for your furry friend.

Written by: Petroglyph Animal Hospital