Every Season Is Flea and Tick Season

Myth: Vancouver Island has a distinct ‘flea/tick season.’

Fact: EVERY season is flea and tick season on Vancouver Island!

Both parasites can be a source of misery for pets and owners alike. From mild irritation to severe skin infections to the transmission of infectious disease, fleas and ticks can be more than just a nuisance. That’s why year-round protection is important for your pets. In the process of providing education on parasite control, we often hear from clients:

“My pet is scratching, but I don’t see any fleas.”

There are many reasons a pet could be scratching, including food allergies, environmental allergies, or flea allergies. One bite may be all that it takes to cause severe itching. It’s imperative that an owner provides year-round parasite protection so that other causes of itching may be ruled out.

“What if my pet is indoors only?”

We recommend giving flea/tick medication to all pets, regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor, especially in a multi-pet household where some pets go outside, and some don’t. If one animal is being treated, all animals should be treated as both fleas and ticks will look for an unprotected host. We can also track in parasites which can hitch a ride on our shoes and clothes; nobody ever said parasites weren’t opportunistic!

“I only give parasite control in the summer.”

Fleas and ticks do well in warm, humid weather; however, while extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum can kill these adult parasites and eggs, other stages of their life cycles merely lay dormant and can thrive in temperate climates, much like what we find on the west coast of British Columbia throughout the year.

There are many options for flea and tick control for all budgets and application preferences. Let us help you find the right product to protect your pet today! Contact us today for more information.

Written by: Petroglyph Animal Hospital