Kitten Vaccinations

Safeguard your feline friend from harmful diseases with a vaccination plan.

At Petroglyph Animal Hospital, we put your new family member’s health as a top priority. Each kitten’s vaccine protocol will be created by your doctor to be sure the vaccines are tailored to your kitten’s specific lifestyle. Petroglyph Animal Hospital follows the vaccine recommendations and protocol based on the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) guidelines.

What vaccine schedule should my kitten be on?

Your kitten should be on a vaccine schedule at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. The importance of staying on the four-week time frame is to maintain proper immunity growth for a kitten’s underdeveloped immunity system.

Is boosting my kitten’s vaccine on-time important?

Yes! After your kitten has received the initial vaccine, the maternal antibodies decrease in the system (immunity from their mother). Boosting the vaccine every 4 weeks from 8 to 16 weeks of age ensures your kitten is fully protected from diseases by the time the maternal antibodies are no longer present.

How much do vaccines cost?

Your kitten will typically require 3 sets of vaccinations. The vaccines recommended will be dependent on the age of your kitten at the time of first vaccination. Cost can vary depending on your kitten’s age and lifestyle so it is recommended to contact us for an accurate quote.

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