Shiloh Durkee

Administrative Assistant
A verified Crazy Cat Lady (and proud of it!), Shiloh is a long-time employee who has recently transitioned from her front-staff position to one that is more behind-the-scenes, including administrative assisting and lending an extra hand where needed. She has a soft spot for animals that are entering into their twilight years and the ones who have pulled through tough beginnings in life (though she’s certainly not immune to the charms of puppies and kitties!). She currently shares a home with her fella and two pampered rescue cats, Alfie and Anna. Her favourite extra-curricular activities include both competitive and social ballroom and Latin dancing, tour guiding, reading, travel, wine, and, of course, hanging out with her furry friends.


Tick Questing

You may have heard of tick questing, but what exactly does it mean?

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