Jocelyne Ward

Veterinary Technician Assistant
Jocelyne (with an “e”!) is a truly welcome addition to the PAH team. An Island-born gal, Jocelyne comes to us from a background in visual effects but with a deep love of animals. She and her faithful companion, the strong and silent “Winston”, also share a home with ‘Tiberius’, the feline captain of the ship (aren’t all felines?) and a human partner, who is currently doing a medical residency. A woman of varied interests, Jocelyne enjoys baking, cooking, and horror suspense sci-fi. P.S. We’re assuming ‘Tiberius the Cat’ was too busy with his Commander-in-chief position to pose in the photo with the rest of his troop!


Tick Questing

You may have heard of tick questing, but what exactly does it mean?

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