Hanna Bushore

Veterinary Technician
Hanna recently relocated to British Columbia from Ontario and we’re very happy to have her on board! A recent graduate from Northern College's Veterinary Technician program, Hanna took an extra year to become specialized in wildlife rehabilitation. Over two summers working with the Ministry of Natural Resources, she was able to participate in the trap, vaccinate and release program for rabies in the Greater Toronto area. Hanna certified in the Rabies Vector Species course during her specialization year and is considering obtaining a falconry license. An active gal, she loves to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. And the most exciting? Now that she’s finally getting settled in, Hanna will be bringing her first cat home! We’re excited for both Hanna and her new furry companion.


Tick Questing

You may have heard of tick questing, but what exactly does it mean?

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