Dr. Sylvia Hall-Andrews

Dr. Sylvia Hall Andrews is an OVC 1993 graduate, who has trouble believing she is old enough to be able to say that (photograph submitted as evidence). Her love-affairs with travel, horseback riding, and adventure take her out of the clinic over the summers, but from October to May, her passion for Internal Medicine, and for connecting with animals and their people, keep her busy at Petroglyph. Fun facts about the good doctor, in no particular order: (1) she has over sixty phone numbers in her head; (2) she was born during a lunar eclipse; (3) she once owned "the best dog in the world," but now owns "the worst dog in the world" (he doesn't know, don't tell him); (4) she has an undocumented obsessive disorder that will be a great asset to you if your pet has a complicated medical problem; (5) she was a record-setting hurdler in high school; (6) she loves to play guitar and sing at campfires even though she is a terrible singer; (7) she will love your pet to pieces (probably).


Tick Questing

You may have heard of tick questing, but what exactly does it mean?

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